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We bring the tools to live an empowered life to your workplace.

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Corporate Workshops

  • Create new routines and boundaries
  • Counter feelings of isolation
  • Sustaining healthy relationships at home and online
  • Incorporating breathwork, meditation and mindset
  • Experience meditation and breathwork to calm the nervous system
  • Observe our inner voices and their impact on our wellbeing
  • Lean how to make self-care accessible, relevant, and possible in any moment
  • Reflect on the lessons of the past year
  • Clarify a strong vision for the next year
  • Set meaningful goals and learn tools to take action with confidence

About DK

Workplace Wellness

DK Workplace Wellness brings life changing tools into companies so that leaders, teams, and employees are empowered to thrive inside and outside of work. Founded by a certified life coach and expert meditation teacher, DKWW helps companies be not just a place of work, but also a platform for people to grow into the best versions of themselves.

Devon Pipars

Devon Pipars is a teacher and blogger for, who also works with corporate wellness companies. She is a featured voice for the meditation training device Core, as well as a senior instructor on the Core app (

Meditation is Devon’s passion and purpose. A meditator since 2002, the practice has been deeply transformative for her. After devoting four years to the study and practice of meditation under the guidance of a master teacher in the Indian Himalayas, Devon’s sessions incorporate multiple traditions and techniques including mindfulness, breath work, mantra, gratitude practice & loving kindness.

Devon is masterful at translating all she’s learned into simple terms, making her classes appropriate for first-time meditators as well as experts. No matter what your experience level, her approach effectively reduces stress and promotes well-being.

Kelsey Lettko

Kelsey Lettko helps people remember their strength, power, and truth. She's a certified Co-Active Coach, yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and designer of wellness experiences for companies of all sizes. Her goal is to help her clients realize their own power, and to help them find fulfillment in everyday life.

Her coaching strategy is a holistic approach to your overall wellbeing. She believes it's impossible to change one part of life without it impacting another, so working with her means up-leveling all areas of life. Since her coaching certification in 2018, she has worked with hundreds of clients 1:1, hosted several sold-out group coaching programs, and has helped teams become the best they can be through workshops and team coaching.

Kelsey turns simple, everyday moments into opportunities for growth, possibility, and joy.

Happy Clients

"Devon and Kelsey have a way of making the material come alive. As individuals, they each have an engaging presence that can be felt even over Zoom; as a pair, they're riveting. I never hesitate to recommend the workshops they create and deliver. I'm confident that anyone who joins them for an hour will walk away energized and ready to take real action to support their personal well-being."
- Hannah Knapp, Co-Founder of Within Meditation

"This was an amazing event to add to our annual Open Enrollment/Wellness Month. Our employees left with tangible, actionable ways to reduce stress in their day-to-day lives. We heard resounding feedback from the team, and will definitely be doing this again next year!'
- Amanda Hurley, Workplace Experience Manager at Plaid

"I attended Devon and Kelsey's workshop, Empower your New Normal, at the start of COVID and felt great during and after! Although on zoom, I felt connected to the facilitators and participants. I can gladly say that I’m still using some of the techniques/tools learnt in that class. Kelsey and Devon are incredibly nurturing and inspiring- I highly recommend this workshop!"
- Danielle, workshop attendee

"The Empower Your New Normal session presented important life lessons for our employees – many of which were immediately applicable and helpful for most attendees. After the session concluded with the guided meditation, our employees were left prepared with the tools to deal with daily stresses of the pandemic and refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of the day. We received only positive feedback and gratitude for introducing the programming within our corporate environment."
- Catherine Abernathy, Communications Specialist at Leidos