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A fool-proof way to create and stick to a daily self-reflection and mindfulness practice.

A week of daily emails that include:

  • Daily pep talks + mediations to help you connect more deeply to yourself
  • Daily journal prompts to deepen your self-reflection
  • Transformational tools to help you live in alignment everyday
  • All the cheerleading you could need!
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"I've resisted a morning routine for YEARS because I couldn't make myself wake up early. This 7-day series made me realize that I can design a practice that is unique to me, and that showing up for myself is a choice (one I hadn't been making for so long). This was the beginning of me making some major life changes, and I am so grateful I stumbled upon this incredible series."
- CR

Do you want to...

...feel like you're living intentionally?

...take better care of yourself?

...tune in more deeply to your values and intuition?

...feel connected to yourself?

What's Included:

7 days of emails with...

  • Daily pep talks to keep you motivated
  • Guided meditations to guide you more deeply into your truth
  • Journal prompts to deepen your self-reflection
  • Transformational tools to help you live in alignment everyday
  • A proven structure to build a successful and lasting daily practice!

A note from Kelsey...

Hello! If you're here, it probably means you're feeling called to tune more deeply into yourself, to live with a greater sense of alignment, or simply take a few minutes everyday to just be. You are in the right place!

I believe real change happens in our lives when we focus on the small but important things, like how we talk to ourselves, the way we listen (or don't) to our intuition, and how we care for ourselves. While all that may seem less flashy than moving across the world or quitting the job (those are fun too sometimes!), it's the small things in our control in each moment that matter most.

A daily practice is the best way to create a habit everyday to tune in, become aware of your thoughts and emotions, and live intentionally in a way that supports your vision and values. If you’re a morning routine resistor, buy all the journals but never write in them, or know you want to start meditating but can’t seem to find the time, this is for you. For the next seven days, you’ll have an email delivered to your inbox with a little pep talk, a guided meditation to help you tune in, and journal prompts to deepen your self-reflection. You can open that email in the morning, on your lunch break, or before bed (ideally not in light and all). You choose. The only thing you’re committing to is opening the email, and showing up for yourself for just a few minutes a day.

When we actively create time to be with ourselves, tune in, reflect, and connect with our intention, we shift out of auto-pilot and into active, engaged living. We move through life in alignment, in our power, and in our truth. Your future self will thank you for starting your daily practice today!

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