with Kelsey Lettko, CPCC

A 6-week group coaching journey to set yourself free.

February 18-March 25

  • 6 weeks of live group workshops
  • Two 1:1 break though sessions with Kelsey
  • The Release Workbook with weekly assignments and daily practices
  • Accountability & connection with an intimate group of likeminded womxn
  • Tailored readings and tools
  • A guided journey to set yourself free

** Space is limited to 14 participants. Calls will be booked on a first come, first served basis**

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"Kelsey's group programs combine a curated, actionable curriculum with a supportive group to help you rediscover your values, clarify your vision, and build a powerful toolkit and community to propel you toward your goals. I look forward to the group calls each week and appreciate the bite-sized homework assignments. Also, the weekly check-ins with accountability buddies help me make progress and give me the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other like-minded individuals. As someone who tends to prefer individual coaching over a group setting, I can't speak highly enough of Kelsey and this program."

- Claire R, Re-Align Participant

Do you...

...feel like an imposter at work?

...wait to do something until you know you can do it perfectly?

...doubt that you can actually make it work living a life that would feel incredible?

...try to make everyone else happy all the time?

...constantly judge yourself for not being/doing enough?

...know it's time to release these old ways of being and break free?

... this program is for YOU!

A note from Kelsey...

Hi friend!

I want you to know that I see you. I see the way you try to make everyone in the room happy before you honor your own needs. I see the way you try your best to do everything "right". I see the way you stay quiet in the meeting even though we both know you were about to say something brilliant. I also see that there is a fire in you begging to be set free.

To the womxn who grew up as the good girls, shy girls, people pleasers, and perfectionists, this program is for you. We reach a point in our adult lives when that perfect cage we built for ourselves is suddenly too small. The job we took because it looked good on paper feels lifeless, the safe relationships we are in feel dull, and we realize we've spent our lives making everyone around us happy at the expense of our own truth. Our own happiness.

If you're ready to release your cage and set your fire free, I invite you to join me and a community of other brave, likeminded womxn who are also ready to step into their power for a journey we'll never forget.



"The Re-Align Program has been an instrumental part of me taking the lead in my life. I highly recommend the program. Kelsey is a wonderful teacher, facilitator, cheer leader and coach! The group sessions are made up of the digestible combination of reflection, learning materials, and connecting with others in the group who are also on this unique journey. All of this combined has allowed me to put what I have learned into action through the utilization of ready-to-use tools and practices. The sense of community and support I feel thanks to Re-Align is something I craved at such a pivotal time in our world. My take aways from the program will only continue to grow as I integrate what I have learned into my life, and continue to create space for my goals, vision and values."

- Elise H., Re-Align Program Participant


6 Group Workshops
Each week we gather as a group to check in, hear a short lecture from Kelsey, reflect on journal prompts, and assign actions and accountability partners for the next week.

2 Breakthrough Sessions
Meet with Kelsey 1:1 to push past any barriers and tailor content and an action plan specifically to your needs and goals.

The Release Workbook
Get Kelsey's 25+ page workbook filled with prompts, assignments, reflections, and daily practices.

Tailored Reading + Assignments
Continue your learning outside our sacred group with books, homework assignments, and daily practices to support you.

In addition to your 1:1 calls with Kelsey, each week you'll have an accountability partner to deepen your understanding of the material and help you stay committed to your truth.

Cultivate deep connections and a feeling of support with like-minded humans doing the work together to live fully and authentically.

More about Kelsey...

Kelsey is a certified life coach through the Co-Active Training Institute. She is also a certified yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and dance choreographer. Her purpose is to connect others back to their own strength and power to live an authentic and fulfilling life.

She coaches individuals, couples, and corporate teams, and leads group workshops and programs online. She is the director of the Sangha Dance collective and teaches at Lines Dance Center in San Francisco. Her eclectic background allows her to flow easily between the spiritual world to the corporate environment, and from the yoga mat to the stage. 

If you are ready to dig deeper into life and live as full as you can, she’s here to be your partner, guide, and cheerleader along the way! 

"Let me first start by saying I have had a full transformation and new just a few weeks! Kelsey has a special gift of creating a welcoming and non-judgmental environment, allowing everyone to comfortably go deep in his or her self-study. I have genuine excitement leading up to every session and leave with a full and inspired heart. Not only did I find a deeper sense of self, I have defined and personal vision, values, action plan and even a manifesto! Investing in yourself and putting in the work can be scary, but trust when I say it is worth it and you owe it to yourself."

- Megan B., Group Program Participant

"I have never been someone who was particularly called to life coaching, yoga, or meditation; but I am SO GLAD I joined the Re-align program. Connecting (and discovering if I am being honest) my vision and my highest values has been a beautiful and life changing process. I find myself simultaneously more motivated and patient with myself than I have ever been. Let's be real, 2020 has been a wild freaking ride. You deserve this! Treat yourself to a program that will help you find the tools to be your fullest and most loving self."

- Cat H., Group Program Participant


Week One: Understand

Week Two: Uncover

Week Three: Unlearn

Week Four: Reconnect

Week Five: Re-write

Week Six: Release


February 18th - March 25th


Thursdays at 5:30pm PT (all calls are recorded)



Are you ready to set yourself free?

Let's Do This.

** Space is limited to 14 participants. Calls will be booked on a first come, first served basis**

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