with Kelsey Lettko, Life & Transformation Coach

A 4-month group journey to rewrite the “rules” and redesign your life according to your truth.

August 19- December 2, 2021

  • 16 weeks of a safe container for growth and transformation
  • 8 live group workshops
  • Four 50-minute 1:1 break though sessions with Kelsey
  • Recorded video modules and weekly assignments
  • The Redesign Workbook with journal prompts, reflection questions, and tips
  • Accountability & connection with an intimate group of likeminded humans and weekly partner
  • A guide and supportive community as you take action and embody your new life design

** Space is limited to 18 participants. Applications accepted on a first come, first served basis**

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“In the first three weeks of Kelsey's course, I ended a relationship that was no longer serving me, bought a business, and started living in my truth for the first time in my life. So yes, I’d say it works. And that Kelsey is magical. I’ve worked with coaches in the past who use force to push you into your higher self. Kelsey does things different. She offers you the space, tools, and loving support necessary to walk into your higher self all on your own."
- Casey, Re-Align Participant

"Kelsey's group programs combine a curated, actionable curriculum with a supportive group to help you rediscover your values, clarify your vision, and build a powerful toolkit and community to propel you toward your goals. I look forward to the group calls each week and appreciate the bite-sized homework assignments. Also, the weekly check-ins with accountability buddies help me make progress and give me the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other like-minded individuals. As someone who tends to prefer individual coaching over a group setting, I can't speak highly enough of Kelsey and this program."
- Claire, Re-Align Participant

If you...

feel like your pre-Covid life doesn't fit anymore and you are craving a life that fits.

have realized life is short, and waiting on your dreams is no longer an option.

are ready to choose your own happiness instead of always putting others first.

are done being the victim and ready to take radical ownership over your decisions.

have just moved and want to design a new life that feels incredible.

are going through a breakup and are ready to take the power back over your life.

are craving a community who is also up-leveling their life.

are ready to finally take the leap!

... this program is for YOU!

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A note from Kelsey...

Hi you,

I'm really glad you're here!

We design our lives around what we’re taught to want. Finish school, get the job, find a partner, have kids, work really hard, retire, and then finally live on our own terms. But what if you lived on your own terms now?

Redesign is for the seekers of a more authentic life...a more embodied life. It’s for those who checked all the boxes and still feel empty, who have found themselves returning to their pre-covid lives but don’t feel like they fit anymore, and whose lives don’t look the way they thought they would by the time they reached [insert age here] and have realized it's time to create their own map. It’s for those who no longer want to live by the "shoulds", and instead are ready to take ownership over their lives and make radical changes in honor of their truth.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to join me to redesign your life. This program will give you the tools, structure, and support you need to make lasting change and live a life that feels authentically you. And I have a feeling a little more YOU is exactly what the world needs right about now :)



"I was originally on the fence about a group coaching course, mostly because I had never done life coaching and I feel guilty when I spend money on myself when it’s not “necessary.”

Fast forward 8 weeks — I am so glad I signed up. Kelsey's course has completely transformed how I think about so many things, including my career, relationships, self care, and more.

Kelsey's courses are a must for anyone feeling stuck, unmotivated, or who could even just use a little light in their life right now.

Kelsey really helps you get out of your own way to achieve your goals — whether they’re small things like making time for yourself in the morning before work, or big things like a career change. She’s kind, smart, authentic, and her positive energy is completely infectious. Also, with her group courses you’ll have a whole group of supportive, wonderful humans to lift you up and cheer you on. I felt so inspired and encouraged by everyone in our cohort and can’t wait to see them achieve their dreams.

Long story short, this program really works and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Just sign up, you won’t regret it.

P.S. if you are like me and feel guilty spending money on yourself, it may be your inner critic and you should examine that. This program can help. 😂"

- Violetta A.


8 Group Workshops
Every other week we gather as a group to check in, hear a short lesson from Kelsey, reflect and discuss as a group, and learn new powerful tools.

4 1:1 Breakthrough Sessions
Meet with Kelsey 1:1 to push past any barriers and tailor content and an action plan specifically to your needs and goals.

8 Accountability Calls
Every other week, you'll meet with a partner to check in, talk through what you're learning, and be held accountable to your goals and growth with love.

The Redesign Workbook
This 25+ page workbook is filled with journal prompts, soulwork, and lots more to deepen your learning.

Recorded Videos
In addition to the group workshops, workbook, and calls, each week you'll access new recorded content with additional tips, tools, and lessons.

Cultivate deep connections and a feeling of support with like-minded humans doing the work together to manifest your visions.

More about Kelsey...

Kelsey is a creator of spaces and experiences for people to connect back to their strength, truth, and power. She's a certified coach through the Co-Active Training Institute, yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and dance choreographer.

After tuning into her intuition in 2016, Kelsey has redesigned her life into one that feels deeply fulfilling and authentic to her own "rules". She coaches individuals, couples, corporate teams and leads group workshops and programs online. Her early career in tech startups adds to her eclectic toolkit so that she can confidently flow between the spiritual world to the corporate environment, and from the yoga mat to the stage. 

If you are ready to dig deeper into life and live as full as you can, she’s here to be your partner, guide, and cheerleader along the way! 

I have had a full transformation in just a few weeks! Kelsey has a special gift of creating a welcoming and non-judgmental environment, allowing everyone to comfortably go deep in his or her self-study. Not only did I find a deeper sense of self, I have defined and personal vision, values, action plan and even a manifesto! Investing in yourself and putting in the work can be scary, but trust when I say it is worth it and you owe it to yourself."

- Megan B., Re-Align Participant

“To see myself clearly for the first time in my life. That is the gift Kelsey has given me and I am eternally grateful. Working with Kelsey is worth every dollar and minute of time you invest. “

- Casey


Month One: Your Foundation

During the first month we'll set the stage for massive transformation by exchanging outdated beliefs for new empowered ones, taking radical ownership over our lives, rewriting our rules, and learning the formula for manifestation (hint: action!).

Month Two: Your Truth

In month two, we'll get clear on your truth. We'll uncover your vision and values, release what's holding you back, shed the "shoulds" and put your foundational tools to use.

Month Three: Your Tools

In month three we'll learn the tools to stay grounded in your power and take action on your vision, one choice at a time. We'll learn tools like meditation, breathwork, visualization, inner-critic, mindset, and lots more!

Month Four: Your Design

In our last month, it's all about taking action and embodying your new life design. We'll create your map forward that is based on YOUR rules, get clear on what action looks like for you, and ensure you are armed with all the tools you need to move forward with confidence.


August 19 - December 2, 2021


Thursdays at 5:30pm PST (all calls are recorded)

Are you to redesign your life according to your truth?

I'm ready! Apply now!

** Space is limited to 18 participants. Applications accepted on a first come, first served basis**

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