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Living Aligned Through the Holidays

A FREE Workshop to learn how to:

  • Set, stick to, and communicate helpful boundaries
  • Stay rooted in your self-care and helpful habits while out of your normal routine
  • Embrace whatever is thrown at you this holiday season
  • Choose self-love no matter what

with Life & Transformation Coach, Kelsey Lettko

Monday, November 22nd
5:30-7pm PST via zoom

In this workshop we'll:

  • Clarify what it means to treat yourself and your body well through the holidays
  • Learn how to set, stick to, and communicate boundaries with family and friends
  • Design a your simple daily practice to keep you centered
  • Choose a mindset to help you embrace whatever unfolds with grace

A note from Kelsey

One of my favorite quotes by Ram Das is "If you think you're enlightened go spend a week with your family." This is SO relatable! We do all this self-work, have great routines at home, and learn all the tools, and then one comment from our sister at the dinner table has us feeling 15 again — no tools and no way to come back to our center that we've worked so hard to maintain.

What if this holiday season was different?

If you want to joyfully experience the holidays while also honoring your alignment, your self-care, and your sanity, join me! When we've grown a lot, it can be challenging to go back into old places and be with people that take us back to older versions of ourselves. Instead of letting the holiday season rob us of all our growth, this year feels like a chance to share new parts of ourselves with those we love most, and stay true to who we are now. Whatever this holiday season has in store for us, we can choose to show up for it with openness and love.



If you're worried about....

  • Sliding into old patterns that don't feel aligned
  • Forgetting your tools while out of your routine
  • Not knowing how to communicate your boundaries
  • Getting through the holidays after a big transition
  • Slipping out of your good habits
  • Fielding questions about life from nosey but well-meaning relatives
  • Feeling disconnected from your spiritual practice

This workshop is for you.

Words from happy workshop attendees

"Kelsey's workshops always give me lots of tangible ideas to be more creative and live my life fully without worries and negative-self talks. She always holds a safe space for all the participants and provide fresh perspectives. I'm now inspired to CHOOSE what's right for me rather than stay stuck. I highly recommend her workshops!" - Mari

"Because of what I learned from Kelsey, I ended a relationship that was no longer serving me, bought a business, and started living in my truth for the first time in my life. Kelsey is magical. I’ve worked with coaches in the past who use force to push you into your higher self. Kelsey does things different. She offers you the space, tools, and loving support necessary to walk into your higher self all on your own." - Casey

Living Aligned Through the Holidays

A free workshop to learn how to stay in your power using boundaries, self-care, and mindset throughout the holidays season.

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